Render Service

Render Service was created to abstract away how templates are found, compiled and used.

Rendering data can be achieved simply be passing data to the render service.

const data = { text: 'Hello World' };
renderService.render(['alt-template-name', 'primary-template-name'], data);

The renderService will then lookup listed templates in the reverse order. It will first search for primary-template-name.{ext} and if it is not found it will fall back to alt-template-name.{ext}.

If no matching template is found then an empty string is returned (unless debug mode is enabled).

The template will then be compiled by a rendering engine based on the file extension.


Templates will not be reloaded on change unless the watch mode is enabled in the global config.

If the debug mode is enabled in the global config then a comment will be inserted above and below the template result to let you know which template was used to give that result and which alternative template names you could have used.

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