Preprocessing Static Pages

Sometimes you want to change the template depending on page contents or load additional data into your page.
In zox.js this is done using custom Renderable elements.

If you haven't already learned what Renderable elements are then make sure to read up on that before continuing.

Template Candidates

The default template candidates for static pages are:

And this is usually enough for all pages.
But if you want more control over template names that can be easily achieved.

Here's how you could assign a dynamic template name based on page fields:

export class CustomRenderableEvent extends RenderableStaticPage
    public templateCandidates()
        return ['event', 'event-' + this.eventType];

Usually you would have to name your template something like static-page-event.hbs, but now you can call it event.hbs or event-hangout.hbs instead.

Dynamic fields

If you want to show data which is not a part of your pages that is as simple as creating a get method for a field.

export class CustomRenderableType extends RenderableStaticPage
    protected config: IConfigService;

    public get siteName(): string
        return this.config.getConfig('site').siteName;

Fields defined in the page data will override the dynamic ones.

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